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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Switch has had a 2hr reveal

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 8 hours, 52 mins ago

Microsoft has taken to Twitch to show off the upcoming Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the developer streamed for almost a whole 2 hours.




The Minecraft Bedrock Edition for the Switch was said to be "mostly done" and the team is currently just making some overall quality of life improvements before they release the final copy.


Currently, the Bedrock Edition will be supporting local play for gamers that have taken their Switch to a remote location that cannot connect to Wi-Fi. To make sure this is all working perfectly on release the development team has said they will be "taking a lot of extra care with trying to make sure that this launch is really smooth, that the world conversion system works really well for people, and that migrating over from Editions is an easy transition for you to make"

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SOMA's 'easy' Safe Mode finally makes its way to PS4

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 9 hours, 52 mins ago

SOMA the underwater horror adventure released a Safe Mode at the end of last year, now the developer is bringing the mode to PS4.



'Safe Mode' was brought to players by the developers as an easier option for players to progress through the game. Some sections in SOMA would provide to difficult or overwhelming, this resulted in the 'Safe Mode' being added as an optional mode.


The mode changed the games monsters into being curious of your presence around them instead of immediately attacking you on sight. Even though this mode may seem to ruin some immersion within the game, the atmosphere is said to of hardly been changed. On a more lighter note, players might now be able to take the game a bit slower to appreciate some of the intricacies.

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Mega Man Collection coming to the Nintendo Switch

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 10 hours, 52 mins ago

Capcom has confirmed a release date for the Mega Man collections arriving on the Nintendo Switch, May 22 this year has been the confirmed debut date.



Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 will contain six 8-bit Mega Man classics but also a new rewind feature that will allow players to instantly retry harder sections of the games. The Mega Man Collection 1 will have Mega Man games 1 - 6, Legacy Collection 2 will continue on with the games with 7 - 10.


Legacy Collection 2 will display smoother graphics with the use of 16-bit and 32-bit. Three generations of gaming graphics will also be available to play as well 'extra modes' such as Challenge mode, Sound Mode and Mueseum Mode.

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Moss is coming this February on PSVR, new trailer released

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 11 hours, 52 mins ago

Scampering into the PSVR world on the 27th of February is Moss, a 3D platformer-like game that allows for players to feel as if they are assisting the main protagonist Quill on her epic adventure of small stature.



To gear up for the release, a new launch trailer has been released on the PlayStation YouTube Channel. The above video shows the audience that players will be bonding with Quill through activities such as puzzle solving, defeating enemies and more. She will be needing all the assistance she can get.


Moss could honestly have the potential to be ones of the best options for a unique gaming experience on PSVR. The 3D platformer-like feel to the game has been reported to be of one the best PSVR experiences, as the zoomed out field of view makes players really feel like they are there helping Quill on her adventure.

Biomutant has had a new gameplay teaser trailer released

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 12 hours, 52 mins ago

The upcoming open-world RPG from Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic, Biomutant has received a new gameplay teaser trailer.



Biomutant looks extremely unique in this trailer in terms of creative abilities that the main character can do. We can see that the protagonist can fire an arrow and launch himself to the desired location, control a glider, bounce on enemies and even be electrocuted.


Players should note that the gameplay within Biomutant is drastically affected by how the player decides to mutate/customize their main character. When looked at as individual clips Biomutant may not seem that unique when it comes to gameplay, but when addressed a whole experience we can see that the game has no problem traversing from one uniqueness to another in only a matter of seconds.

Samsung's new patent teases FLYING SCREEN for hovering video

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: 13 hours, 39 mins ago

It looks like Samsung will be taking to the skies in the very near future, with the South Korean electronics giant filing a patent for something they're calling a "flying display device".




LetsGoDigital spotted the patent which was filed in 2016, and describes a drone-like device that would sport a screen and be capable of streaming video. The Verge has a better idea, where this hovering display could be used for huge advertisements that float in the sky.


Samsung's patent would also see the floating display hovering thanks to four propellers, and it would feature a vibration system, an obstacle detection unit that would pack a camera and sensor that would include motion and accelerometer sensors, and more. As for the display it could be anything from a tablet, laptop, or mobile medical device.

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New Steam game offers 1 x Bitcoin to anyone who solves it

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cryptocurrency & Mining | Posted: 14 hours, 14 mins ago

MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma is going to fire up those Steam charts with its cheap entry price of just $1.99, but is giving away a single Bitcoin to whoever can solve the 24 puzzles in the game.



The new puzzle game was developed by Gem Rose Collective, and launched on February 20 with a bunch of puzzles set in a maze, where once the game is complete the one and only winner walks away with one BTC, valued at over $10,000 at the time of writing.


Gem Rose is very secretive right now, where they've said in their press release: "We are trying to keep our identities secret for now. But we can say we are a group of game developers and that we had a crazy idea for a game. As huge fans of treasure hunts we took inspiration from riddles like la chorette d'or (the golden owl), a statue of the owl was buried in 1993 at the same time a series of clues was published, and still nobody has solved the clues to find the owl and claim the 15kg (33lb) statue made of gold and silver".

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South Korean cryptocurrency regulator found dead in his home

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cryptocurrency & Mining | Posted: 14 hours, 53 mins ago

There was some huge cryptocurrency FUD spreading in early January, when South Korea was reportedly preparing a new bill that would ban cryptocurrency trading.




One of the officials who helped South Korea's regulatory changes on cryptocurrency, Jung Ki-joon, has been found dead in his home. Ki-joon was the head of economic policy at the Office for Government Policy Coordination, where he helped the efforts to mold a new legislation that would slow and stop crypto speculation and illegal activity.


Ki-joon is presumed to have had a heart attack, with Yonhap reporting that a government official said "he died from some unknown cause. He passed away while he was sleeping and [his] heart [had] already stopped beating when he was found dead".

Samsung Galaxy S9 latest: could be priced as high as $1250

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: 15 hours, 17 mins ago

Samsung is expected to unveil their new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones on February 25, with the latest news on the new flagship handsets teasing the price.




The new price leaks suggest that Samsung will be charging north of $1000 for the new Galaxy S9, with estimations of $1130 for the normal Galaxy S9 and a hefty $1258 for the larger Galaxy S9+ smartphone.


If these are the prices that we're expecting to see, Samsung will be charging nearly as much for the Galaxy S9/S9+ as the larger Galaxy Note 8, meaning the Galaxy Note 9 will need to really step it up when it's announced and released later this year.

Windows 10 on ARM detailed, FUD is now spreading

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Operating Systems | Posted: 16 hours, 31 mins ago

If there was something I've been excited over more than most things in the technology industry, but the thought of Windows 10 on ARM was doing funny things to my body. But now... it seems there's not much to get excited for, a bunch of things to be disappointed about, and a few points to be downright pissed off at.




Microsoft reportedly published a list of limitations that Windows 10 on ARM would bring, but the list was quickly deleted over the weekend. This is the internet remember, so a cached copy of the information is still available and now we get to look at the major limitations and disappointments of Windows 10 on ARM:


  • 64-bit apps will not work. Yes, Windows 10 on ARM can run Windows desktop applications. But it can only run 32-bit (x86) desktop applications, not 64-bit (x64) applications. (The documentation doesn't note this, but support for x64 apps is planned for a future release.)
  • Certain classes of apps will not run. Utilities that modify the Windows user interface-like shell extensions, input method editors (IMEs), assistive technologies, and cloud storage apps-will not work in Windows 10 on ARM. They will need to be recompiled for ARM, and my guess is that this will not happen in most cases, especially in the next year.
  • It cannot use x86 drivers. While Windows 10 on ARM can run x86 Windows applications, it cannot utilize x86 drivers. Instead, it will require native ARM64 drivers instead. This means that hardware support will be much more limited than is the case with mainstream Windows 10 versions. In other words, it will likely work much like Windows 10 S does today.
  • No Hyper-V. This was a gray area previously-I've heard the phrase "it's just Windows 10, so it will work" several times-but now it's real: Hyper-V is not supported in Windows 10 on ARM.
  • Older games and graphics apps may not work. Windows 10 on ARM supports DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11, and DirectX 12, but apps/games that target older versions will not work. Apps that require hardware-accelerated OpenGL will also not work.


Now, just to make it very clear: Windows 10 on ARM and the huge deal between Qualcomm and Snapdragon technology to get into Windows 10 devices, is going to be a game changer. It's not just the gamers, or to get the headlines like 'OMFG, Windows 10 gives us 30 hours of gaming on-the-go'. Yeah, no.

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